10 Things I Have Learned In 10 Years of Marriage

1.)  I am selfish.  Okay I didn’t learn this, I knew this, I just didn’t know it was so bad.  I wish I could have type, “I used to be selfish,” but that would be a lie.  I try and work on it, I try and acknowledge it, but I have a ways to go.  Marriage has a way of exposing things in your life that otherwise you have managed to suppress. 

2.)  My wife is hilarious.  Again not a totally new revelation, but one that I continue to appreciate.  She is really funny, if you don’t know that side of her you need to hang out with her more.  The more comfortable she gets the more she opens up, the more the opens up the funnier things become.  

3.)  Marriage is tough.  Refer to number one if you need much of an explanation on this or try be married for longer than 48.  I love being married to Jenn, but that doesn’t mean things are easy.  One of the greatest things about being married to Jenn is the comfort that comes that no matter how hard things might get she isn’t going anywhere and neither am I.  

4.)  I don’t have style.  Golf shirts and athletic shorts are not a style. She is the stylish one and she does with limited spending.  From my shirt to my shoes if I am wearing something that looks like it was made after 1997 my wife picked it out. 

5.)  Date night is important.  I don’t do this well enough and it is one of the things I need to get better at these next 10 years.  

6.)  My wife is incredible with children.  She is a school teacher so I knew she liked kids and I knew kids liked her, but I didn’t know how good she was.  The year she left teaching her principal teacher pulled me aside and asked if I thought she really wasn’t coming back, when I told her that it seemed that way, she said, “I have been in education a really long time and she is the best kindergarten teacher I have ever seen.”  The best kindergarten teacher she has ever seen is the one I get to raise kids with.  

7.)  There is a direct connection to the quality of my marriage and my ability to listen.  No other commentary needed.  

8.)  Hawaii is awesome.  Lots of great memories from spending the first week of our marriage in Maui.  Who knows if we ever go back, but it was a great start.  

9.)  Leave your college roommate pranks behind.  Those jokes that were funny in college do not carry the same comedic value when you get married.  When your wife is ready for work then gets water all over her shirt and pants because you put a rubber band on water sprayer at the faucet, no one is laughing. 

10.)  I would marry her again today.  



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