Passage Church Turns Four (Thank You)

This Sunday The Passage Church celebrated our 4th anniversary.  On one hand it is hard to believe it has been four years and on the other is feels like it has been 40. As I think back on all the advice and wisdom I was given before we ever began there are two statements that I have found to absolutely true:

  • Starting a church is like learning to ride a bike while building it at the same time.
  • You will never know the weight of leading a church until you are sitting in the lead chair.  

I could write numerous post on these two statements or I could write a series of post on what I have learned and mistakes that I have made.   While they might make for interesting conversation within the right crowd I will spare you, although if you would like to have that conversation give me a call and we can talk.  


I hope you are still with me because what I really want to say in this post is THANK YOU.  Thank you to those who have sacrificed.  Thank you for waking up early and staying late.  Thank you for going months without sitting in worship, so that others could while you watched their children.  Thank you for taking on task outside of your gifting, because you knew it needed to be done.  Thank you sitting in front of computer instead of with your family so others could follow the lyrics in worship.  Thank you for opening up your homes to people because we have no permanent space.  Thank you for your patience as we work to develop new ministries.  Thank you for moving from one venue to another without ever complaining.  Thank you for putting up with a pastor that is learning.  Thank you!!!!!!!!

Your time and energy has impacted eternity.  I thank God for you regularly and pray for you often.  Your friendship is valued more than you know.  I look forward to serving God together as we move forward, believing the best is yet to come.  

Thanks again for all you have done to serve Jesus!  I look forward to worshiping with you again on Sunday.  


in HIM 

Matt Walton 


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